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Dive buys Finnish Mystery Shopping Agency Palvelu Plus

Dive, the leading customer service improvement company in Central and Northern Europe, has bought Palvelu Plus in Finland. The company will be managed by the current director Mikko Hartikainen, who has been with the company sine 2017.

"We have monitored Palvelu Plus from a distance over the years and run projects together. Finland is yet another perfect match to our expansion and we are excited to expand our collaboration to the next level," said Kaspar Jänes, Chairman of the Board of Dive.

"I am glad to say that as a group we are now more than 80 people in 7 countries and perform more than 160000 mystery visits per year," added Kerli Soosaar, CEO of Dive.

Mikko Hartikainen, Managing Director of Palvelu Plus added that the company is the main provider and market leader of Mystery Shopping in Finland and together with Dive it will be possible to offer inhouse services all across Northern Europe.

About Dive:

Dive has been a leading customer service improvement company for more than 18 years, specializing in Mystery Shopping and client feedback collection. Dive has local offices in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland and the Baltic States. For more information visit www.dive-group.com.

About Palvelu Plus:

Palvelu Plus is the leading Finnish brand for Mystery Shopping and customer satisfaction studies. The company was established in 1987 and performs more than 25000 mystery visits per year. For more information visit www.palveluplus.fi.

Kerli Soosaar
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