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The Smiling Report 2022 julkistettu


Tervehtiminen aktiivisempaa, hymy ja lisämyynti palvelutilanteissa laskussa

Vuodesta 2004 lähtien MSPA Europe/Africa on kerännyt dataa noin 31 miljoonasta mystery shopping -arvioinnista koskien hymyä, tervehtimistä ja lisämyynnin tavoittelua eri toimialojen palvelutilanteissa. Tietoa on kerätty MSPA Europe/Africaan kuuluvien mystery shopping -yritysten lisäksi myös MSPA Asia/Pacificin ja MSPA American alueilta. Vuoden 2021 aikana kerätty data koostuu 731 285 mystery shopping -käynnistä 30 eri maassa.

Suomessa muistetaan tervehtiä mutta lisämyynti unohtuu

Tutkimustuloksista voi havaita, että Suomessa tervehtiminen palvelutilanteiden aluksi toteutuu erittäin hyvin (91,3%), joskin tällä tuloksella pääsi tutkimuksen maailman rankingissa vasta sijalle 11. Muissakin maissa osataan siis vastaanottaa asiakas ja avata "ovi" asiakaspalvelua varten. Lisämyynnin aikaansaamisessa Suomessa on vielä runsaasti haasteita ja paljon tehtävää, sillä Suomen tulos oli 38,5% ja sillä päästiin tutkimuksessa ranking-listalla sijalle 20. Voisiko ajatella, että tarvekartoitukseen perustuva ja aluksi ehdotetun ratkaisun laajentaminen vain auttaisi asiakasta ja toisi hänelle siten lisäarvoa?

Alla tiivistelmä tutkimuksen tuloksista.

This years's Smiling Report shows a decrease in receiving smiles and additional sale suggetions but increase in greetings


MSPA, the global trade association for mystery shopping, has released the 2022 Smiling Report. Its purpose is to highlight the psychological side of customer service and its importance. The 2022 report provides answers to questions focusing on Smile, Greeting and Add-on Sales metrics on a sample of 731 285 reports from 30 countries during 2021.


Let's first look at things on a wider scale. Overall, 85,6% (2020: 87,8%) of customers received a smile, 88,2% (2020: 85,6%) were greeted, while 52% (2020: 54,2%) received additional sale suggestion.



The power of a smile should not be underestimated in customer service. A smile is an invitation. It indicates trust, shows willingness to serve and establishes a rapport. Therefore in mystery shopping, special attention is paid to this indicator.

Paraguay took the lead with a score of 98,8%, and although Serbia scored the lowest with 70%, the number is still rather positive. Baltic countries did very well in this category. Latvia received a score of 91,7%, Lithuenia 88,9% and Estonia 86,6%. All above the global average!


The most successful sellers make a real difference by developing positive customer relationships that start with a friendly greeting. A genuine greeting will make customers feel welcome and appreciated, while a friendly welcome can increase sales and customer loyalty.

Greece takes first place in this category with a score of 98% while the Netherlands falls behind the most (47,5%). Sweden and Finland set a good example with respective scores of 91,3%. Talk about good manners!

Add-on sales

Additional sales can represent significant revenues and profits for the company. Furthermore, they help shape the impression of the business. Add-on selling encourages conversations with customers which in turn increases customer satisfaction, builds trust and ensures return to the store.

Hong Kong was one of the best performers with a score of 76,3%, a rather drastic contrast to Cyprus' 11,6%. Athough Denmark and Poland did very well in this category in 2020 with both scoring above the 68% line, it should be mentioned that the Baltic states are not far behind. In 2021 Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all received scores above 45%. Very close to the 50% mark!

In these challenging times, the emphasis is on maintaining business and it is especially important to attract and retain every customer. A kind word and a smile can go a long way.